• "Azuul !" means "Bon appetit!" in Possibilica

    Home-grown organic veggies, laughter in the kitchen, tasty recipes handed down from generation-to-generation, heart-to-heart connections, eating with your own hand-carved wooden utensils, you have discovered a doorway to StartOver.xyz, the massively-multiplayer online-and-offline personal transformation game, where each recipe you make for the first time earns you 1 Matrix Point!

    More than just a Cookbook, these recipes are a bridge to the world of archearchy, where authentic initiatory processes into adulthood liberate ecstatic collaborations between women and men, and the world is a meshwork of 100,000 interdepending co-intelligent nanonations.


    Discover these secrets and create a taste of our magic for yourself and your friends.

    Every nanonation develops a unique culture, and, yes, some of the traditions may at first seem disgusting. For example, in Possibilica we hang our clothes out to dry in the sun, wash dishes mostly by hand, and it is acceptable - even polite sometimes - to lick your plate clean after a fine meal.

  • Savory Soups

    Tofu Paprikash

    (CB101 for StartOver.xyz)

    A delicious old recipe hand carried to USA from Czechoslovakia. Paprikash is a tangy, spicy, lemon cream soup with old-country bread dumplings, updated for modern tastes.




    Squash and Bean Soup

    (CB102 for StartOver.xyz)

    I stole this recipe from a bungalow kitchen in Sagada, a small village in the northern Philippine hills in 1982 during a round-the-world vagabond journey. The soup, with a mere 7 ingredients, is humble and delicious.



    Split Pea Soup

    (CB103 for StartOver.xyz)

    For summer days or winter nights this thick hearty soup makes for a fine meal. Add crunchy home-made garlic croutons and you have a feast fit for an edgeworker.



  • Crunchy Salads

    French Summer Salad with Walnuts and Roquefort!

    (CB201 for StartOver.xyz)

    I heard French salad can expand some people's boxes...

    What a great way to put yourself in a liquid state. Mmmmm... Bon appetit!




    Caesar Salad

    (CB202 for StartOver.xyz)

    Making my own Caesar Salad gives me the shocking experience of what I miss if I get desperate and order whatever they serve as 'Caesar Salad' in a restaurant. This recipe delivers a wallop of strong refreshing flavors and is well worth the time it takes.



    Greek Salad

    (CB203 for StartOver.xyz)

    Greek salad is a staple food... in Greece. But with THIS recipe I make it a staple food wherever I go. Then wherever I go becomes Greece, for a while, and that is a pleasant creation talent to carry around with me and share with friends.



    Gado Gado Salad

    (CB204 for StartOver.xyz)

    By the time you get around to enjoying a Balineese Gado Gado salad it begins to makes sense how one could live on mostly raw vegetables and be completely satisfied. The warm spicy peanut sauce gives Gado Gado salad its tropical magic.



    Spicy Baked Squash Seeds

    (CB205 for StartOver.xyz)

    Gardens produce an abundance of tasty nutritious food that may not be recognized as food due to the filters of our Box. How often have you thrown away squash seeds? After you taste this recipe you might not do that anymore. Now popcorn has a heavy competitor when you watch movies and want some snacks!



  • Warm Breads

    American Corn Bread

    (CB301 for StartOver.xyz)

    Right out of the wild west!

    An amazing compliment to Chili Con Soya!

    Baking this cornbread in the pre-heated iron pan makes a crunchy crust all around.



    Harbigarrr Blimey Oat Scones

    (CB302 for StartOver.xyz)

    There are a zillion kinds of scones out there. Seems like half the world eats scones.

    But only you can make yourself some Harbigarrr Blimey Oat Scones.



    Whole Wheat Bread

    (CB303 for StartOver.xyz)

    How much bread have you eaten? How many loaves of bread have you made with your own hands? It builds matrix to take responsibility for what you eat. Plus, it is Fun! Try this simple delicious recipe to feed your body and grow your consciousness at the same time.



    Squash Corn Bread

    (CB304 for StartOver.xyz)

    Corn, beans, and squash... the perfectly balanced protein combination, central to the diet of the North American Indian nations. Serve Squash Corn Bread with Chili Con Soya and you are sure to have an adventurous day!




  • Main Dishes

    Chili Con Soya

    (CB401 for StartOver.xyz)

    The astonishingly popular mainstay of the vegetarian cowboy diet!

    Spectacular when accompanied by American Corn Bread or Squash Corn Bread




    Squash Eggplant Lasagna

    (CB402 for StartOver.xyz)

    Some people have not yet tried squash in lasagna. Especially the winter squash varieties (Curcurbita Maxima) add exquisite flavor and texture in a dish such as this incredible lasagna.



    Steamed Veggies with Cheese Sauce

    (CB403 for StartOver.xyz)

    Got veggies in your refrigerator that you need to use up? Got some cheese? Well, do we have a delicious meal for you! Perfect for devouring with your wooden spoon.




    Peanutbutter Spaghetti Sauce

    (CB404 for StartOver.xyz)

    Get out your homemade chopsticks! No Possibilica Cookbook could ever be complete without a recipe for the beloved and revered Peanutbutter Spaghetti Sauce. The flavor is so earthy and rich that people come from kilometers around when they smell the sweet spicy sauce cooking on the stove.



    Bachelor's Brunch

    (CB405 for StartOver.xyz)

    You're alone. You've been working hard... or hardly working. You're hungry. What's to eat? Bachelor's Brunch is a high protein, rapidly ready, one pan feast. Drop a couple Tablespoons of butter in your favorite frying pan and put it on high heat. As the butter melts, crack in 3 or 4 bio eggs. Slice 3 or 4 giant slabs of mountain cheese and drop them between the egg yolks. After things are pretty well sizzling along, pour in a can of your favorite baked beans. Voila! Your feast is ready. No more complaining!

    Kurbis Thai Curry on Rice

    (CB406 for StartOver.xyz)

    Looking for an easy Lab meal or something to feed a large party of friend coming for High-Level Fun? Stop right here. This Kurbis Thai Curry on Rice is what you need. 3 pots. It's a Do It Yourself kinda celebration. Azul!
















  • Desserts

    Clinton's Mom's World's Best Chocolate Brownies

    (CB501 for StartOver.xyz)

    ...from the 1950s.

    The only word to describe these is: Mmmmmm!



    Squash Cake with

    Cream Cheese Frosting

    (CB502 for StartOver.xyz)

    Yes, this is Clinton's legend-making recipe.

    You would never believe how delicious your nutritious winter squash can taste!




    It means 'Chocolate Cake' in Swedish!

    (CB503 for StartOver.xyz)

    The name of this cake is not a onomatopoeia - meaning, it doesn't taste like it sounds like it tastes... It comes out heavenly soft, sweet and chewy.




    Marina's Mom's World's Best Apple Cake

    (CB504 for StartOver.xyz)

    Marina Deeken made this cake so often in Berlin that I got addicted to it. Now she lives in Costa Rica, and the cake tastes even better! See what she and Ralf Kolem are creating at http://thesilentwings.com.



    Peanut Pie

    (CB505 for StartOver.xyz)

    In 1896 Georg Washington Carver began publicly exhorting the versatile culinary qualities of the humble peanut. If I had tasted Peanut Pie back then, I would have too. Give this recipe a try! You earn 1 Matrix Point the first time you bake it!



    Squash Pie

    (CB506 for StartOver.xyz)

    Squash use humans to carry their seeds to new places to grow. We humans also carry memetic seeds in our energetic bodies. Memetic seeds are called thoughtware and there is a wild collection of thoughtware seeds waiting for you to discover in the Distinctionary. While exploring the Distinctionary you may as well enjoy some spicy Squash Pie... for revenge.



    Shoofly Pie

    (CB507 for StartOver.xyz)

    On the back of the original recipe card it said, “from Agnes Kleppinger 10/57” The Kleppingers were next-door neighbors to the Callahans near Allentown, Pennsylvania from 1952 to 1957. The Kleppingers were farmers who kept their goats in the trailer that Clinton loved to visit even though his Mom told him not to. When Clinton snuck back home after being with the goats he would wonder why his Mom always knew where he had been... (story continues on the recipe...)


    Crumb Top Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

    (CB508 for StartOver.xyz)

    Pies are edible art, and as artists know, the recipe is for those without imaginations. This recipe begs for improvisation. So go for it! Make the recipe one time as it is first, then start thinking of other ways to bring it to life: elderberries with peaches, apricots with mangoes, plums with nectarines... god, my mouth is watering!



    Apple Crisp

    (CB509 for StartOver.xyz)

    Of all the recipes in the Possibilica Cookbook this is the recipe I have made most often. Why is that? I think it is because apples are so plentiful in the lands I have lived lately, and this sweet warm oats apple cinnamon combination... must have been invented in Valhalla. It is cooked fruits and whole grains. I hope you enjoy serving this to your friends as much as I have.



    Banofee Pie

    (CB510 for StartOver.xyz)

    Not everything is the same. Life has its ups and downs. In certain intimate moments when you want to either be rescued from the mire or celebrate a remarkable achievement, or both, nothing will do but a big dripping slice of Banofee Pie. Nobody can make it exactly the way you want it but you.



    Banana Bread

    (CB511 for StartOver.xyz)

    What about those over ripe bananas? Nobody ate them yet? Time to improvise. You could, of course, throw them into the freezer for Banana Smoothies... but what about this simple fast recipe for Banana Bread. Warm, sweet Banana Bread, thick with melting butter, or cream cheese...



    Possibilica Pie Crust

    (CB512 for StartOver.xyz)

    This is a useful recipe to have if you want to earn 1 Matrix Point by baking a Possibilica Pie. This Pie Crust works for Squash Pie, Peanut Pie, Shoe Fly Pie, Key Lime Pie, Rhubarb Pie... Should I continue? I think you get the point... (Hah! That was the first StartOver.xyz game pun ever invented!)



  • Breakfasts

    Anne-Chloé's Sacred French Crepes

    (CB601 for StartOver.xyz)

    You would never believe how delicious crepes can taste!


    Tropical Banana Pancakes

    (CB602 for StartOver.xyz)

    They don't make these like this at the restaurant!



    THE Porridge Recipe

    (CB603 for StartOver.xyz)

    If you have been to a Possibility Lab - this does not need presentation.

    If you haven't been to a Possibility Lab - get yourself into a Possibility Lab!

  • Remedies

    Here we share some medicinal remedies that we have found to be useful and effective for living well in this amazing and expanding Universe.


    (CB701 for StartOver.xyz)

    The herbalist and author Lalitha Thomas formulated this all natural nervous system balm for us after participating in several of our trainings. She designed the mix to ease stress from adrenals and calm the nerves, while at the same time increasing creative stamina in transformational spaces. Several Possibility Managers gather and grind the ingredients from herb shops in Germany and assemble the capsules. Or you can follow this recipe and do it yourself. If your condition is chronic this is no solution, but Nervine can give your body a chance to gather its resources and start over refreshed and balanced.





    Turmeric Chai Latte

    (CB702 for StartOver.xyz)

    Inflammation is when a part of the body becomes reddened, hot, swollen, or painful. Inflammation can cause stiff or painful joints, and can affect internal organs. Turmeric has long been known to effectively reduce inflammation without side effects, however their are some tricks for assuring that the turmeric has its full effect, such as heating up the turmeric in combination with pepperine from freshly ground black pepper and some oil. I learned this recipe for Turmeric Chai Latte from my daughter Aurora Leroux, who also heals her horses with turmeric, and makes amazingly gentle natural soap from hand-harvested donkey milk from her own donkeys in France. (https://www.arcoulane.com/commandes/)



    MSM plus Vitamin C

    (CB703 for Startover.xyz)

    Combining MSM powder (methylsufanylmethane - a source of organic sulfur) and Vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid) was explained to me by the healer Dahlia Abramovic (http://4-koerper-osteopathie.de) and it seems to really help maintain healthy strong joints in the knees, elbows, wrists, fingers, neck...





    Raw Squash Seeds

    (CB704 for StartOver.xyz)

    Pin Worms are common intestinal parasites in humans, mostly harmless, but which can cause anal itching during the night when they come out to lay their eggs. You can sometimes see them if you examine your shit in the toilet.

    It turns out that eating (chewing thoroughly) 2 or 3 tablespoons of raw green shell-less squash seeds a day will kill them off. This works for both adults and children. It is a specific vermicide for pin worms.



    Butcher's Broom Tea

    (Ruscus aculeatus)

    (CB705 for StartOver.xyz)

    Certain foods (such as red beets or poppy seeds) can cause some people's bodies to have hemorrhoids, or swollen veins. Some people's veins bulge out or get damaged easily from being bumped, and then they can be quite painful or take a long time to shrink back to normal size. In these cases, a simple tea made of dried Butcher's Broom roots (Ruscus aculeatus) can do wonders.





    Bardo Special

    (CB706 for StartOver.xyz)

    Can you remember a time when a perfectly wonderful conversation or initimacy space was suddenly subsumed by a shadow and sank into a swamp of low drama out of which you could not escape? We could call that a Bardo Space. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to fortify your 5 bodies and make you more immune to getting sucked into a Bardo Space? Or, even if you are in a Bardo Space, to have a way to get out of it? Well, cheer up! Now you have it! The Bardo Special.




    Ear Pressure Points

    (CB707 for StartOver.xyz)

    A painful imbalance can sometimes occur in the ear, in infants, children, or adults. When you know this pressure point remedy the pain can disappear within minutes without any further treatments or medications. Many a good night's sleep has been recovered by applying this simple technique.




    Relaxing Eye Exercises

    (CB708 for StartOver.xyz)

    Staring straight ahead at a flat screen up close can tire the eyes to the extreme and weaken their natural ability to rapidly re-refocus from near to far away and back. These exercises take a minute or so to do and if you do them once a day the world stays bright and shiny. This does not stop global warming, but it may be the next best thing!


    (Directions coming soon!)


    (Stop Eating) Dish Soap

    (CB709 for StartOver.xyz)

    This is an IMPORTANT preventive remedy - meaning, if you STOP doing this you can prevent you and your family from getting potentially dangerous illnesses. The experiment is straightforward. Thoroughly rinse all the soap off of your glasses and dishes, both from the dishwasher and the sink, before using them. Why? Simple. Soaps and, even more so, detergents, dissolve fat. The walls of your cells are made from fat. By putting soap products into your body you dissolve your cell walls. Soap is one of the worst toxins you can put into your body. Some people wash dishes and let them dry with the soap still on them. Yikes! Stop it! Rinse all the soap off each dish while washing them. Automatic dishwashers? Yes. Try this experiment. Take a glass that has been washed in a dishwasher and fill it directly from the faucet with fresh cold water. Notice how long the bubbles stay at the top of the water. Now, thoroughly rinse out that glass from the chemical residue left on it from the dishwashing tablet that prevents drops from forming when it dries. Fill up the rinsed-out glass from the same faucet and notice how long the bubbles stay at the top of the water. They should disappear almost immediately. Before they probably remained for a few seconds longer due to the chemical residue that you drink each time you don't rinse the glass from the dishwasher! Let this be a lesson!